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Car Seat Review : Graco SafeSeat Infant Car Seat

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On April 20, 2015
Last modified:June 6, 2015


Graco’s SafeSeat Infant Car Seat, for under $280, offers the best in safety, comfort and convenience. It’s been crash tested to meet or exceed U.S. safety standards, and at 26.5×18.3×16.5 inches, will hold babies up to 30 pounds and 32” tall.

infant car seat reviews

The newly designed Graco Safe Seat is only of the only rear-facing infant seats available that will hold a child up to 30 pounds and 32”, meaning most children will be able to ride in it for one full year. Since babies are required to stay in a rear-facing seat until they are one year and at least 20 pounds, this seat is especially great for accommodating fast-growing children, and will save you from having to purchase more than one rear-facing carrier as your child grows.

This seat comes with a convenient stay-in-car base that the seat locks into, so you can easily take your baby in and out of the car without having to take him out of the seat or hassle with unstrapping the entire carrier; the seat also has an ergonomically designed handle for easy carrying. The base also has a one-hand dial adjustment to help you make sure you have the seat positioned at the proper angle.

The SafeSeat is engineered for safety, and has been crash tested to meet or exceed all U.S. safety standards, so you can drive in peace knowing your baby is well-protected. The seat has a Patent Pending 5-point harness system that adjusts in the front for easy buckling and security. Other features include a removable infant head support, GracoPedic luxury foam, and a 180 degree rotating canopy. The seat’s padding is easily removable for cleaning, and is safe for machine washing and hang drying. With all of these features and its high level of comfort and safety, the Graco SafeSeat promises to serve both you and your infant well until you’re ready to move to a front-facing car seat.

While the stay-in-car base is very easy to install, it may be harder to secure in a car with leather seats. The larger size of this seat may also make it difficult to use in a smaller vehicle, and it may only fit in the back middle seat. The middle seat is the recommended location for a rear-facing seat however, so as long as you are able to fit the seat into your car and take it in and out, this is not a huge issue. You should make sure this seat will fit correctly in your car before purchasing.


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