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Infant Car Seats: Everything You Need to Know About Your Baby’s First Trip in the Car

Hospitals will not allow a newborn baby to leave without a properly installed infant car seat in the vehicle. Best infant car seats come in so many styles these days it can be difficult to choose the right one and once you do you may have even more troubles than you had expected. Your baby’s first trip in the car will likely be his ride home from the hospital. Keep baby safe and comfortable by following these tips for choosing an infant car seat that is best for your new baby.

infant car seat canopy

Britax Infant Car Seat Sun and Bug Cover

Britax Infant Car Seat Sun and Bug Cover

There are numerous infant car seats available on the market to day. Although the brands and styles may seem endless, the common ground is the same amongst them all-All infant car seats are designed to provide support to the infant’s neck, head, and back. A infant, especially one that is only a few days old, is unable to support himself and needs the reinforcement of a well built infant car seat for safety and security purposes.

All infant car seats should be installed rear facing to prevent injury in the event of an accident. Infant car seats will accommodate a child up to at least 22 pounds while some actually will accommodate a child a little bit larger up to 30 pounds. Make sure that you place baby in an infant car seat or a convertible seat that is appropriate for children as small as 5 pounds for maximum safety when taking the first trip in the car.

Today, most infant car seats come equipped with a base that can be left in the car at all times. This will prevent the need to take baby in and out of the seat constantly. Instead you will just remove the seat from it’s base, and carry the infant in the seat wherever you are headed. The car base will allow you to remove baby from the car without actually disturbing him during times of rest.

Most infant car seats provide safety features above and beyond the requirements by standard law. For maximum security and safety for your baby when in the car, look for an infant car seat that has a 5-point harness system. A 5-point harness system will secure the baby into the seat at the shoulders, again at the hips, and also between the legs. The harness should have a front adjustment for added convenience.

For safety purposes, an infant car seat should be equipped with some type of energy absorbent foam that will prevent impact related injuries in the event of an accident. Most infant car seats are equipped with the impact resistant or absorbent foam underneath the actual padding of the seat itself.

To keep baby happy during the car ride, infant toys can be hung from the handle of the infant seat. There are even toys now that are operated by a remote that you can attach to your steering wheel for convenience. If baby gets fussy all you have to do is push a button to activate lights, sounds, and motions right in front of him. Driver activated toys are not necessary for baby’s safety but tey can greatly improve the baby’s happiness throughout the ride in the car.

When purchasing an infant car seat for your new baby, it is important to make sure that it not only conforms to the safety standards of today but also that it is comfortable. Choose a seat that feels plush and soft for your baby. If you will be spending a lot of time in the car, don’t forget the toys!


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Review of the Diono Radian RXT Car Seat

First Person: Review of the Diono Radian RXT Car Seat

Buying a car seat is an important decision for parents. Trusting the life of my daughter in the buckles and straps of a car seat requires faith in the company that manufactures the product. To me, I’ve learned that I trust the Diono brand that manufactures the Radian RXT. What I respected about the RXT style that I received was that the product was based on the previous Sunshine Kids Radian line, which my older daughter had used for years. While examining the new model, it appeared to be very similar to the old model if the old model was given steroids.

peg perego infant car seat

Cosco Lift and Stroll Travel System, Elephant Squares
Cosco Lift and Stroll Travel System, Elephant Squares


Review of the Car Seat

As I familiarized myself with the functions of the car seat, I realized that describing the car seat as practical would be an understatement. Compared to my older daughter’s Sunshine Radian, the new RXT model could do so much more! I received the RXT for my youngest baby girl who outgrew her baby car seat and needed a safe model that would fit her taller than average height and support her lower than average weight. While the new peg perego infant car seat fit wonderfully rear facing, I loved the convenience of the extra features.

Because the car seat fits babies as small as 5 pounds, I could have bought it for my little girl when she was an infant to avoid buying more than one car seat. The product will grow with my daughter and can fit her up to 120 pounds as a booster seat. Having a convertible car seat saves a lot of money! With my older daughter, I’ve had to buy two car seats and I’ll need to get her a booster seat in a couple years. I’m really grateful to have one product that has multiple functions.

While examining the car seat with me, my husband was confused that I was using a dark blue color for our little girl. Luckily, the company carries a variety of car seat covers in some beautiful different colors and patterns that I may try to review or purchase in the future. I felt that the car seat was superior in its sleek, slim style that fit well in the car as well as its comfort for my daughter. As my daughter sat in the car seat, she rested calmly, which may be thanks to the memory foam. I drove my daughter around for at least in hour in the seat without complaints, and I felt that the car seat was a very successful choice for my family. Overall, when the car seat was installed and assembled, the product worked very well.

Even though the car seat functioned wonderfully, assembly required some assistance from family members. I found a car seat forum when some helpful members explained to me that Diono had some great installation videos on Facebook. When I was assembling the car seat, I had a hard time finding the hole for the cup holder and had almost given up, thinking there was a defect, when my mom found it. When you assemble yours, note that the cup holder fits in a very small hole that is easy to miss. I liked the cup holder function so much I may get another cup holder for the other side so my older daughter can use it too in the future. In the next few years as I use car seats with my daughters, I plan to stick with the Diono company and I look forward to successfully turning this car seat into a booster in the next few years.


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The Graco SnugRide Infant Car Seat: Not Quite Snug Enough

After much research on infant car seat reviews, my husband and I determined that the Graco SnugRide appeared to rank highest in safety, our main concern. We purchased the SnugRide for about $90.00 and had it installed at our local police station.

britax infant car seat

Graco SnugRider Elite Stroller and Car Seat Carrier, Black
Graco SnugRider Elite Stroller and Car Seat Carrier, Black

Different car models install car seats differently; and we had the option of placing the seat on either side or in the middle of the backseat. Any of the positions are safe, but the middle is recommended, due to the danger of side collisions. So we decided to have it installed in the middle of the backseat. It took the police officer about a half hour to install the Graco SnugRide. Most of the time was spent comparing the car manual with the car seat instructions.

I had no problems with the SnugRide car seat for the first few months of use. It is a good size, being larger than small models, like the Evenflo Discovery, yet smaller than the Graco SafeSeat. It comfortably holds a baby up to the weight limit of 22 pounds, yet is not too difficult to carry. It is easy to secure the baby, and adjust the straps. The seat came with a cushion for newborn head support. The entire fabric lining is completely removable and machine-washable. We love the removable seat and base feature. The SnugRide seat can be removed from its base, and used as a carrier seat. This can be a convenient place for the baby to sit when away from home. It is also great for not disturbing a sleeping baby when removing from the car, as well as for cold weather when the baby is wrapped warmly in their car seat. The SnugRide car seat can even be securely attached to certain Graco stroller models. I use the Graco MetroLite LX stroller, and find the ability to insert the car seat to be extremely helpful when shopping and taking walks outdoors. The baby can stay or fall asleep and not be disturbed when getting in and out of car during the entire trip.

After four months of use, though, I began to notice that the SnugRide was tilted in my backseat. I tried to move it back up, but it was still tightly installed. I felt that I should take the SnugRide car seat back to the police station to see if it was installed properly. Before I had the chance to do so, at one point I was driving, I turned a bend, and the seat fell to the side with my baby inside! Fortunately I was able to quickly pull into a parking lot. I was not traveling quickly at the time, and my baby was still in her secure position and not even disturbed by the gradual fall. I was much more shaken than she was. I had to reinstall the car seat myself, drive home, and return to the police station. I was informed that the SnugRide is installed most tightly when placed on either side of the backseat, and, if we place it in the middle, the SnugRide seat will likely continually loosen and tip. I felt that the safety of the middle was the best, and decided I would repeatedly tighten the base as needed. Unfortunately I found that when I install the seat (since I can’t pull the seatbelt as tightly as the police officer), the SungRide needs reinstalled before almost every trip in the car. It isn’t complicated to install, but it can be time-consuming. I’m now becoming an expert at installing the SnugRide base, but it is very inconvenient.

I would not suggest that consumers do not purchase the Graco SnugRide, since it has rated highly in crash tests and safety. It is easy to secure the baby. The removable seat and compatible stroller models make the SnugRide very convenient. But, I would advise consumers that if they opt for the Graco SnugRide, depending on the model of their car, they should be prepared to repeatedly reinstall the seat.


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How to Purchase a Combination Car Seat and Stroller Baby Travel System

An infant baby travel system offers the convenience of coordinating an infant car seat and baby stroller in one combination unit. The best infant car seat 2015 attaches to the baby stroller and it also comes with a base that goes into the car. This way you can take the baby from the car to the stroller without ever removing him from the car seat itself.

infant car seat canopy

Baby strollers that are part of a baby stroller travel system are called convenience strollers. They fold easily to be fit into the trunk of the car for trips or placed away in a closet when not in use. The infant car seat attaches to the stroller so that the baby faces you when you are pushing the stroller. This makes it easy to keep an eye on the baby, and the way that the seat is placed into the baby stroller travel system allows the baby to stay in a reclined position that is comfortable for him.

A baby travel system is a great investment for any parent to be. Once the baby outgrows the infant car seat he may be placed into the baby stroller without the infant car seat attached. Baby strollers that are part of a baby travel system are built to last throughout the first 2-4 years of a baby’s life depending on how quickly the child grows.

Baby Stroller Travel System Stroller Features:

When shopping for a baby travel system, there are many features that you should look for. All baby strollers should have a five point harness system for safety when securing the baby into the stroller. For convenience purposes, it is nice to get a baby stroller travel system that has a baby stroller that will fold easily with one hand so that you can place it into its storage area.

Make sure that your baby stroller travel system comes equipped with a seat that will recline into multiple positions for your baby’s comfort. It is also nice to have an adjustable canopy that will keep the sun off of the baby when he is in the baby travel system. For your convenience and for the convenience of your baby, most baby strollers will come equipped with trays that will hold cups.

Other important features to look for in a baby stroller travel system stroller are wheel functions such as large wheels that can be used easily on all types of turf and brakes that can easily be set with a foot lever. Most baby strollers that come as part of a baby stroller travel system are safe for children up to about 40 pounds, so look for a baby travel system that has durability and will last approximately 4 years.

Baby Travel System Infant Car Seat Features:

Every baby travel system will come with a matching infant car seat and a base that can be placed into the car. The infant car seat should include a five point harness for safety and energy absorbing foam that will provide maximum protection in the event of an accident. The foam will be attached underneath the seat pad.

Most infant baby travel systems will come with a LATCH equipped base that can be left in the car at all times. The infant car seat will easily latch onto the base for car rides and then can be removed from the base to be attached to the stroller during outings. The car base should be adjustable so that it can properly position the infant car seat in any vehicle.

For your convenience, look for an baby travel system that includes an infant car seat that has a curved handle. The curved handle will make it easier to carry the seat. Infant car seats are awkward to carry when the handle is not curved as they tend to bump into your leg more when held beside you. A curved handle allows you to carry the infant car seat beside you without it bumping against your leg.


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Car Seat Review: Graco SnugRide Infant Car Seat

Graco’s SnugRide Infant Car Seat Reviews offers the best in security, comfort and convenience for under $90. It measures 26.7×17.5×24.2 inches and has been top rated for safety and ease of use. Includes a 5-point harness and stay-in-car base for convenience.

peg perego infant car seat

Car Seat Review: Graco SnugRide Infant Car Seat

This car seat offers a variety of high-quality features the guarantee your baby the safest, most comfortable ride possible. Along with the height-adjustable 5-point harness, the SnugRide car seat is also made with EPS energy absorbing foam to keep your baby secure on extra bumpy rides or in the case of a collision. A removable infant head rest provides additional support for the youngest baby, and makes this seat usable from the day your baby is born.

The adjustable stay-in-car base makes for added convenience; you can quickly lock the seat into place and take it out of the car to carry your baby, without having to wrestle with threading the seatbelt or dealing with extra straps every time. The seat is also safe to use without the base, making it easy to move to another vehicle, or even to take on an airplane. It will also fit easily into shopping carts.

The SnugRide features an ergonomic carrying handle and a quilted canopy that can be rotated 180 degrees for sun protection at any angle. The seat’s padding can be removed for machine washing on the delicate cycle, and the rest of the seat may be cleaned with soap and water.

This seat is specially designed to fit into other Graco strollers. Also available for separate purchase is Graco’s SnugRider Stroller Frame, which is specifically designed to hold this car seat, so you won’t even have to take your baby out of the seat to transport them once you’ve made it to your destination. One problem with this seat is that the base can be difficult to get securely attached in your car; it might take a lot of strength and pulling to make sure it’s installed tightly enough. Parents should also be careful about using this car seat with very small or premature infants, since the shoulder straps, while adjustable, may not be able to go low enough to securely hold a smaller baby. An additional difficulty is that the shoulder straps are only adjustable from the back of the seat, not in front, which can make it a challenge to tighten when the seat is already positioned in your car.


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Car Seat Safety: Proper Use and Placement

The use of car seats is mandatory to protect your child during car travel. Unfortunately improper use and placement of car seats can leave your child at risk for injuries during a crash. Here are several tips help you spot and avoid mistakes that may put your child at risk.

cheap infant car seat

All car seats are not created equal.

Do some research to be sure first that the best infant car seat 2015 you are considering hasn’t been recalled. Also be sure if obtaining a used car seat that it has not been involved in a crash. Stress from a crash can weaken a car sear even though you don’t see any obvious damage.

Always be sure the car seat you obtain comes with clear instructions for placing and installing it correctly. If you don’t have the original instruction/ use manual consider getting a different car seat.

Never place a car seat in the front.

Car seats should always be placed away from air bags. Even with a rear-facing seat an active air bag can hit the back of an infant car sear with enough force to cause serious head injuries.

When placing a car seat in a back passenger seat, place the car seat in the center of the seat whenever possible. If you must have more than one car seat check to see that any side airbags are disabled on the side nearest a child’s car seat.

Know how to buckle your child into the seat correctly.

The safest seats have a five-point restraint belt and these can take some time to get fastened and adjusted properly. First, always check that the car seat itself is properly buckled in place. The car seat should not move more than one inch from side to side or front to back. The harness and chest clip should be even with your child’s armpits not resting on the abdomen or on the neck. Make sure the harness fits smoothly with no slack.

Position your infant car seat properly.

Check the manufacturer’s direction to properly position the car seat to prevent a newborn infant’s head from flopping forward. You can place a rolled towel or newspaper under the front edge of the seat if needed to maintain the right angle. Never place materials under or behind your child inside the car seat. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for moving the car seat to a face forward position. Your state motor vehicle regulations may also have guidelines for weight and height requirements for the use of front facing car seats or booster seats.

Don’t move to a booster seat to soon.

Young children need a booster to help seat belts fit properly. As a general guideline you child can and probably should stay in a car seat until they reach the maximum weight or height limit for their car seat or her shoulders are above the top harness slots. If your child’s ears reach the top of the car seat she may also be too tall for proper protection to her head and neck.

When moving to a booster seat always use a booster seat only with a lap and shoulder belt. Unless your car has headrest in the back to protect your child’s head and neck in a crash, choose a booster seat that has a high back rather than the low backless versions.

Car seats are designed to keep your child safe during travel. Ask your pediatrician for recommendations and further information if you have questions. Often community fire stations will perform a free car seat inspection to verify a car seat is properly installed. Always be sure to know and follow the current child passenger safety laws in your state.


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Car Seat Safety – An Absolute Imperative for Your Infant

Buying a best infant car seat is one of the most important purchases you will make for your baby. A well fitted, high performance car seat can absolutely mean the difference between life and death for your infant, particularly when they are small, so it’s imperative to select one that will give your child the best protection available.

infant car seat covers

Car Seat Safety – An Absolute Imperative for Your Infant

Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions when it comes to buying a car seat for your baby. Since you absolutely, as a parent, want to protect your child, here are a few helpful tips on how to select a car seat.

Check Consumer Reports or Other Online Rating Industry Before Buying

While the last car seat article Consumer Reports provided on car seats was unfortunately poorly done, CR has a history of doing an excellent job testing car seats for infants. You can also search out other unbiased test results on the internet. This step is crucial because…..

Not All Car Seats Are the Same

Yes, there are minimum safety requirements set forth by the government for safety seats, but they are just that- minimum. All brands on the market meet the safety requirements, but some exceed the standard. For instance, Graco and Britax generally outperform most other seats and routinely have very high safety ratings. Evenflo, unfortunately, tends to lag behind. It’s important to know these facts and to check ratings before your purchase.

NEVER accept a used car seat

Used car seats are dangerous for a variety of reasons. There is always a risk, first of all, that the seat has been improperly cared for and might have minuscule cracks or a slightly bent frame, etc. Additionally, car seats which have been in an accident must be thrown away immediately. However, you have no way of knowing the seat’s history. Finally, car seats do expire after six years and some are recalled. Since not everyone is cautious about checking for recall information or expiration dates, the seat you receive might not be safe.

While it is tempting to save money by buying an inexpensive car seat or getting one secondhand, save the frugality for your other purchases. A Graco SnugRide, long the most popular choice for new parents, costs around $90. The Britax Companion, which is also a wonderful seat, costs around $190.

Buying a safe car seat, however, is only the beginning. Make certain that your seat is installed properly before your baby rides in it. Many fire departments will check or install the seat for you. Also, obviously, for a car seat to function and protect your child, use it every single time your infant is in the car, regardless of how long the trip is. Never ever remove your child from the safety seat while the car is in motion.


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Informations about Chicco Key Fit 30 Infant Car Seat

Chicco Key Fit 30 Infant Car Seat

The Chicco Key Fit 30 Infant car seat is another excellent buy for those with safety at the foremost in their minds. This car seat has been rated one of the safest infant car seats on the market and also one of the most convenient.

chicco infant car seat

Chicco Key Fit 30 Infant Car Seat

The Chicco Key Fit has an enhanced harness that allows you to use it for infants up to 30lbs (most one year olds). This allows you to use the seat for a longer period of time and keep it as safe as possible, even beyond the normal recommended time for infants to be in a rear facing seat. It has the advantage over most other car seats which only fit up to 22 lbs. The Key Fit is fully FMVSS 213 certified and lined with impact absorbing foam in case of an accident. It is also easy to install correctly, ascertaining that you won’t have to worry about an accident with your baby because of incorrect installation. It also comes with an infant insert for the first month or two of the baby’s life which will guarantee your baby’s safety and comfort.

The Key Fit is easy to install with either LATCH or your regular seatbelts and the base has a 1-pull LATCH tightening system which allows for the easiest installation with the tightest fit. It also has a level indicator to display the proper angle of the car seat and has an easy foot prop to get the optimum angle every time.

The car seat itself is light and sleek, weighing 16 pounds with the base and 9 pounds without. This makes it easy for the parents to carry in and out of the car if they need to. It’s a little wider than other car seats, but this simply makes it easier to fit in your larger child for longer periods of time. The fabric of the car seat is removable and easy to wash in the washing machine, making it easy to care for. It too is compatible with different styles of strollers. It also has a 5-point harness with an easy one pull adjustment. It also has a sealed underside to keep out the debris that seems to permeate all vehicles at one time or another, so you don’t have to worry about gunk being stuck in the seat.

For your child, the seat is comfortably made with thick padding and luxurious fabrics. The harness and shoulder pads are easy to adjust for the ideal fit and are soft and comfortable. Once again, your child is going to be more comfortable than you are in your seat, so you don’t have to worry about the child’s discomfort on longer car trips.

The Chicco Key Fit can be ordered online at www.elitecarseats.com/Chicco-Key-Fit-30.pro for $180. You can also find it online at yahoo shopping for between 170-$190. This is a little pricier than other car seats, but there are many happy parents who consider it well worth the extra money because of its safety features and the wide range of colors, as well as the wider sun roof to shade your child.

The Chicco Key Fit is easily comparable to the Graco car seat and either one is a good buy, so it’s really up to your personal preferences.


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Car Seat Review : Graco SafeSeat Infant Car Seat

Graco’s SafeSeat Infant Car Seat, for under $280, offers the best in safety, comfort and convenience. It’s been crash tested to meet or exceed U.S. safety standards, and at 26.5×18.3×16.5 inches, will hold babies up to 30 pounds and 32” tall.

infant car seat reviews

The newly designed Graco Safe Seat is only of the only rear-facing infant seats available that will hold a child up to 30 pounds and 32”, meaning most children will be able to ride in it for one full year. Since babies are required to stay in a rear-facing seat until they are one year and at least 20 pounds, this seat is especially great for accommodating fast-growing children, and will save you from having to purchase more than one rear-facing carrier as your child grows.

This seat comes with a convenient stay-in-car base that the seat locks into, so you can easily take your baby in and out of the car without having to take him out of the seat or hassle with unstrapping the entire carrier; the seat also has an ergonomically designed handle for easy carrying. The base also has a one-hand dial adjustment to help you make sure you have the seat positioned at the proper angle.

The SafeSeat is engineered for safety, and has been crash tested to meet or exceed all U.S. safety standards, so you can drive in peace knowing your baby is well-protected. The seat has a Patent Pending 5-point harness system that adjusts in the front for easy buckling and security. Other features include a removable infant head support, GracoPedic luxury foam, and a 180 degree rotating canopy. The seat’s padding is easily removable for cleaning, and is safe for machine washing and hang drying. With all of these features and its high level of comfort and safety, the Graco SafeSeat promises to serve both you and your infant well until you’re ready to move to a front-facing car seat.

While the stay-in-car base is very easy to install, it may be harder to secure in a car with leather seats. The larger size of this seat may also make it difficult to use in a smaller vehicle, and it may only fit in the back middle seat. The middle seat is the recommended location for a rear-facing seat however, so as long as you are able to fit the seat into your car and take it in and out, this is not a huge issue. You should make sure this seat will fit correctly in your car before purchasing.


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Stroller Review: Graco SnugRider Infant Car Seat Stroller Frame

Gracro’s SnugRider Infant Car Seat Stroller Frame, at under $70, is a lightweight folding frame to which you can attach a car seat for quick conversion into a stroller. Easily adjustable, this frame is specially designed for use with Graco car seats.

infant car seat covers


This very cost-effective frame provides the convenience of a folding stroller while also allowing you to transport your baby safely in her car seat. The sturdy yet lightweight design makes it an excellent alternative to more bulky and expensive car-seat-compatible strollers. It’s a perfect option to use with infants who are two young to sit up on their own in a traditional stroller. Your baby will enjoy a more comfortable ride by being able to travel in the same seat both in the car and when walking.

The SnugRider Stroller Frame is designed specifically for use with the Grace SnugRide and Infant SafeSeat car seats (sold separately). It will save you the cost of having to buy an additional stroller, and also takes up much less room when packed in your car, making travel easier. This frame includes a number of additional features for more convenient use. The handle is height-adjustable for safe and comfortable pushing. The front swivel wheels feature locks and suspension for increased control and maneuverability. The frame can be easily folded up with the automatic storage latch that can be operated with just one hand. Also built into the frame are two cup holders and an extra large mesh storage compartment.

The frame is very simple to assemble and attach to your car seat. There are several built-in latches to hold the seat securely in place, so you can use it like a regular stroller without having to worry about the seat coming loose. It’s perfect to use when taking your baby on a quick shopping trip, as well as on all-day excursions. Weighing just under 13 pounds, this frame is easy for anyone to set up, fold and store, and carry up and down stairs or anywhere else. Parents should be aware that this frame is specifically designed to safely hold a Graco car seat. It is not meant to hold any seat model. While there are stroller frames that will fit with any car seat, the spec


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