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Free Infant Car Seat Cover Tutorials

Free Infant Car Seat Cover TutorialsIt’s cold outside and Snowmageddon as it’s being called has just blanketed the entire mid-Atlantic in snow. Unfortunately, in just a few days life will go back to normal and we will have to take our babies out in this awful cold very soon. What better project to undertake on this cold weekend than creating a car seat cover to keep your little one warm in the snowy weather. If you are looking to create your own car seat cover and don’t know how to get started you can simply use one of these three great car seat cover tutorials. All three tutorials are easy and would be perfect for someone who is just learning how to sew.

Make it Do

Calli at Make it Do made an awesome car seat cover for her new nephew, and is graciously sharing a tutorial on how she did it with her readers. This car seat cover doesn’t require a lot of fabric, 2 2/3 of fabric total along with some sew on Velcro.

The tutorial offers step-by-step directions, along with plenty of pictures to help you along the way.

You can view Calli’s car seat cover tutorial by visiting Make it Do.


Cally at Calico has created a tutorial for what she calls an infant car seat blanket, but it is the same thing as a car seat cover. The tutorial doesn’t go into a lot of details on exactly how to make it or give step-by-step directions but it does supply the reader with enough information to make their own.

I really like Cally’s version of the car seat blanket. It’s made up of several different fabrics because she didn’t have a big enough piece of just one fabric. The result is a really whimsical car seat cover. So if you have several scraps of fabric this would be the perfect tutorial for you.

You can view Cally’s infant car seat blanket tutorial by visiting Calico.

A Little Tipsy

Michelle at A Little Tipsy offers a wonderful car seat cover tutorial on her blog. What I really like about Michelle’s car seat cover is that it is made using a simple fleece receiving blanket and some ribbon. This makes for a really inexpensive project as you can purchase fleece receiving blankets extremely cheap, the Dollar Tree even sells them.

You can view Michelle’s car seat cover tutorial by visiting A Little Tipsy.

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