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Slings for Babies vs. Infant Car Seat Carriers

Health, Safety, Comfort and Infant Bonding

Slings for Babies vs. Infant Car Seat CarriersWhen our first child was born, we tried both an infant front pack carrier and the detachable infant car seat carrier. After about two uses, it was evident for many reasons, that the front pack carrier or baby sling as we later used was a far superior method of carrying baby. Better for bonding with baby, safer and healthier for baby, more comfortable for baby and far easier on our backs, my husband and I loved our sling and front pack carrier.

It’s really only common sense that the plastic infant car seat carriers are a nightmare for everyone. We call them baby crates, just as dogs have crate cages. Only dogs are more fortunate than infants in their crate construction. At least dogs can move freely. The poor little car seat carried baby is strapped in and held immobile against a rigid plastic shell. Before baby is able to hold her head erect, it lolls to the side and must be mercilessly uncomfortable. Baby can’t stretch her legs or arms and must lay in a mushed up hunch that is terribly deforming to growing bones and muscles.

The car seat carrier is heavy, unwieldy and dangerous. How easy would it be for a kidnapper to pick up a baby carrier while the parent’s back is turned, and walk off with the child? No one questions seeing anyone carrying an infant carrier through a store or public area. Also, an infant weighs about 10-20 pounds, sans carrier. With carrier, the total weight can be 30-50 pounds.

Babies who are carried in slings or front packs, however, can wiggle, stretch and arrange themselves comfortably. Our babies loved being carried in their slings and front packs. My husband and I used to call it ‘wearing the baby’. They slept like logs against our chests. With baby’s head nestled right close to me I could keep them close and safe. The sling makes an excellent little nest for baby to nurse and snuggle. Once in awhile someone would inquire if the baby was comfortable. Looking at our snoozing baby,warm and cozy on against my breast, I’d say, ‘well he certainly looks comfortable, doesn’t he?’ How often have you heard miserable little babies screaming in their infant car seat carriers? Do you know that with our four children, I can’t recall a single crying incident? Mostly they just dozed contentedly.

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