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Stroller Review: Graco SnugRider Infant Car Seat Stroller Frame

Gracro’s SnugRider Infant Car Seat Stroller Frame, at under $70, is a lightweight folding frame to which you can attach a car seat for quick conversion into a stroller. Easily adjustable, this frame is specially designed for use with Graco car seats.

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This very cost-effective frame provides the convenience of a folding stroller while also allowing you to transport your baby safely in her car seat. The sturdy yet lightweight design makes it an excellent alternative to more bulky and expensive car-seat-compatible strollers. It’s a perfect option to use with infants who are two young to sit up on their own in a traditional stroller. Your baby will enjoy a more comfortable ride by being able to travel in the same seat both in the car and when walking.

The SnugRider Stroller Frame is designed specifically for use with the Grace SnugRide and Infant SafeSeat car seats (sold separately). It will save you the cost of having to buy an additional stroller, and also takes up much less room when packed in your car, making travel easier. This frame includes a number of additional features for more convenient use. The handle is height-adjustable for safe and comfortable pushing. The front swivel wheels feature locks and suspension for increased control and maneuverability. The frame can be easily folded up with the automatic storage latch that can be operated with just one hand. Also built into the frame are two cup holders and an extra large mesh storage compartment.

The frame is very simple to assemble and attach to your car seat. There are several built-in latches to hold the seat securely in place, so you can use it like a regular stroller without having to worry about the seat coming loose. It’s perfect to use when taking your baby on a quick shopping trip, as well as on all-day excursions. Weighing just under 13 pounds, this frame is easy for anyone to set up, fold and store, and carry up and down stairs or anywhere else. Parents should be aware that this frame is specifically designed to safely hold a Graco car seat. It is not meant to hold any seat model. While there are stroller frames that will fit with any car seat, the spec


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