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Even More Free Car Seat Cover Tutorials

In February of 2010 I wrote an article entitled Free Infant Car Seat Cover Tutorials and it has been one of my more popular articles. Since I wrote that article there have been even more car seat cover tutorials that can be found online. In that article I mentioned how car seat covers were wonderful for keeping your little one warm in the cold winter months but car seat covers are useful year round for everything from blocking your baby from the sun to shielding baby from spring’s cold rain drops. Another great thing about car seat covers is they are easy to make, sew up quick, and only require basic sewing skills to make one. Here are three of my favorite new car seat cover tutorials that can be found online for free.

Infant Car Seat Cover 2015


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Sharing the Wealth

The car seat cover tutorial that can be found on the blog Sharing The Wealth is an excellent one. The car seat cover is two sided with contrasting fabrics and it has rounded curves which gives the cover a more boutique feel than a handmade feeling. The tutorial itself is very well written with excellent step-by-step instructions along with images that accompany each step of the process for easier understanding. You can find the car seat cover tutorial from Sharing The Wealth by visiting their blog.


Fleece Fun: Fleece Car Seat Cover

Unlike many car seat covers this car seat cover from Fleece Fun is made from warmer fleece instead of quilting fabric. The car seat cover uses buttons instead of Velcro to hold the cover to the car seat handle. The tutorial comes complete with a downloadable and printable PDF pattern. It also offers step-by-step instructions that thoroughly explain each step of the sewing process and is also accompanied by several images that show each step of the process. To find the tutorial and PDF pattern for Fleece Fun’s Fleece Car Seat Cover you can visit the Fleece Fun website.


While They Sleep

If you make a car seat cover using this car seat cover tutorial from While They Sleep make sure you call your finished cover a canopy and not a tent. The tutorial is wonderful if you are a visual learner, as it is mostly imaged based. For the tutorial you will find images of each step with the directions for each step written on each image. The tutorial is very easy to follow, with clear instructions. You can find the car seat cover tutorial from While They Sleep you can visit the blog.


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