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Why the Cybex Aton is a Great Infant Car Seat Choice

Why the Cybex Aton is a Great Infant Car Seat ChoiceShopping for an infant car seat can be just as time consuming of a purchase as buying a crib or a stroller. Your first priority is safety but you also want a functional design that is lightweight, easy to carry, easy to install, latch into the base and it should look attractive as well. This year, Cybex has released the Aton infant car seat in six colors and it’s guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser. Parents who like to keep an active lifestyle will find the functionality of this product to be exceptional. The Aton can attach to other Cybex strollers and it is also compatible with many other major brands of strollers.

A great feature of the Aton is the indicator that tells you when the seat is latched into the base. No more jiggling of the base with the baby inside it to make sure it’s securely latched before driving off. More than 200 crash test experiments have taken place for the Aton and a great number of awards have been handed out to Cybex based on the safety of their product. Created by a father of two who wanted to create products that were not only safe, but easy and pleasing to use, the Cybex line is a great choice for any parent.

The structure of the Aton includes a removeable inlay that keeps the baby comfortable as they grow. A seat insert is included for newborns and extra wide shoulder straps ensure comfort. The breathable fabric of the Cybex Aton is machine washable.

For more information on whether or not your car or stroller is compatible with the Aton you can visit www.cybex-online.com. Cybex also offers a variety of other children’s products including the 2011 Callisto Stroller, Onyx Stroller and Ruby Stroller.

You can purchase additional accessories for the Aton including a winter footmuff or a summer cover to keep baby cool and dry. The Aton is available at a variety of American retailers such as Target and Babies R Us or you can shop online for the version of the Aton you like the best.

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